LC Women’s Tennis Team Blazes a Trail From Godfrey to Texas

Ally Antonyan

By Irene Ruiz

“Commitment, character and compete level.”

That is how Cody Zippmann, our athletic director and new coach of the tennis teams, defines the standards to which both student-athletes and the institution are held to in order to meet their objectives.

A few months ago, Cody took over as tennis coach next to Jenna Brown, where they have been working hard to bring both teams to the top. During this time of changes, all the athletes have done a great job managing all the obstacles and getting back on track in the best way. The women’s tennis team current record is 1-0 in the Region and 2-4 Overall.

“I found them hungry to have direction.  We spent multiple hours developing practice plans that would keep us fresh throughout the week.  The team adjusted as every great athlete would do during a competition.  We simplified things and focused on a direct path to development.” Zippmann explained.

The main objective of this season is clear to the coach and players. The goal is Texas, where the national tournament will be held. Each athlete is clear about their goal and their role in the team, and to this end they are striving and improving daily.

“Every day we get better.  Every day we raise our compete level,” Zippmann said.

The results do not come without effort, but there is a great process of preparation behind them. Both coaches prepare day-to-day sessions depending on the conditions of each athlete. Their job as coaches is to guide and support the athletes to help them perform at the highest level.

“A coach once told me, ‘Practice is for coaches and games (matches) are for players.’ If I’m doing my job, that preparation is visible on match day.” Zippmann explained.

All the players contribute their skills to this great team, they transmit confidence and are very transparent in communicating their ideas and opinions. This is just the beginning of the long process of getting to the national tournament they are striving for.

“They show up every day.  In today’s world, showing up consistently is 75% of being successful.  Never late, never missing, and always ready to work,” Zippmann said.

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