L&C Students Recognized for ‘Dedication, Intelligence and Grit’

By Alex Johnson
Cover image via L&C Flickr, from the 2017 Honors Banquet.

Every year, Lewis and Clark Community College recognizes students across campus for outstanding performance. Professors from every field are given the opportunity to nominate students to receive an award recognizing their hard work and contributions to the classroom and school.

 Previously, the awards were given at the Honors Banquet, held every Spring on campus. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, the last in-person banquet was in 2019. This year, like last, the college is still recognizing its outstanding students while social distancing; honorees will be receiving their awards via mail soon – if they haven’t already – and a presentation recognizing the recipients will be available on the L&C website later this month.

  “We did have less nominations this year than usual,” L&C professor Nicole Munden noted, “with only 81 awards compared to the usual average of about 120. We assume that is mostly due to the pandemic and us professors not being able to get to know the students as well with remote learning.”

 Though there are fewer nominations, Lewis and Clark professors are still passionate about student recognition.  “It is extremely special […] when an individual combines both natural abilities with an incredible work ethic. Jenna Robinson is one of these special individuals,” said Tom Steinmann, who had nominated Robinson for the Evelyn Trennt Award.

 “Janine [McMath] is compassionate and goes above and beyond to make her patients feel comfortable,” said Director of Nursing Education Sheri Banovic, who nominated McMath for the Touching Lives Award in Nursing.

 Each award is created by an L&C professor, who also defines what the award is for. This year, a new award was given, the Outstanding Veteran Student. The award was created by Terry Lane, director of Career and Veteran Services, and received by Jacob Masters. “[Masters] put his military service to good use in that he is focused and driven to succeed. [He] is able to balance school, work and his marriage. He sets a great example for other veterans and for all students,” Lane said.

 These past few semesters have been challenging for students and faculty alike; however, continuing to recognize students is important to the professors of Lewis and Clark. “These students are the ones that make teaching worthwhile and add so much to the classroom experience. They go above and beyond what is normal and show much dedication, intelligence and grit!” said Munden.

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