L&C Students’ Artwork Showcased in Varsity Art Show



From left: Art students Morgan Laughlin and Marion Black
From left: Art students Morgan Laughlin and Marion Black
Kelly Rulison
Copy Editor

Two of Lewis and Clark Community College’s art students got invited to show their artwork at Art St. Louis’ Varsity Art Show March 3.

L&C art students Marion Black and Morgan Laughlin were given the opportunity to showcase a piece of their artwork to the Art St. Louis’ Varsity Art Show.

“Getting to this point wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for my professor, Jeff Vaughn, and my eyes for seeing things differently, I guess,” said L&C Art Student Marion Black. “Jeff has helped me for four years now and has got me to where I want to go by exposing me to other photographers who have similar styles as I do.”

Jeff had asked me if I’d be interested in entering my work in this show to see if I would get picked to represent Lewis and Clark Community College, so to get that opportunity is a real treat,” Black said.

Both students were required to pick one piece of artwork they felt represented them, as well as L&C, to show at the Art St. Louis’ Varsity Art Show.

“I hadn’t known that L&C qualified to enter the show but I really appreciate the opportunity,” said L&C Art Student Morgan Laughlin. “I am so grateful to be showing alongside my friend Marion, but I was a little overwhelmed by having to pick one piece to represent myself and L&C.”

On March 3, both students headed to St. Louis to see their artwork showcased next to other artworks from the surrounding areas.

For more information about the art students or the Art St. Louis’ Varsity Art Show, contact Jeff Vaughn at jlvaughn@lc.edu.


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