LC Student/Activist to Host Panel Discussion in Spring 2022

By Stephen Kern

Alexandra Blockton has made it her goal to start conversations that center the needs of our community’s most vulnerable. She will host a panel discussion titled “Poverty: A Panel Discussion to Expand Your Knowledge on Who is Affected and How We Can Help” on Wednesday, April 6th, 2022 at 2 p.m. in LC’s Hatheway Auditorium.

“My Honors College Project is a Panel Discussion about ‘Poverty,’ and how we can be of help to our students as well as our local community members,” Blockton said. “I will be able to share my personal experiences while living in poverty and give my fellow peers a chance to share their experiences as well.”

Blockton plans to shed light on some serious issues affecting people in the Alton area and communicate how to access resources that can help in small and large ways.

“My ultimate goal is to expand knowledge based upon poverty and personal experiences of my peer students, to Lewis and Clark Community College Faculty and Staff Members, and local community agencies,” Blockton said. “We will be able to come together as one and hear the personal experiences of students who have faced poverty and how there are resources available and ready.”

A mentor to fellow students and an advocate for finding ways to fight disenfranchisement and poverty, Blockton was the recipient of 2021 Full-Time Member of the Year fromYouthBuild USA, a non-profit which partners with Lewis & Clark and local organizations to serve the community.  YouthBuild, a successful nationwide campaign originally founded by Americorps, helps young Americans find employment and resources, providing counseling, programs, and other events.

Blockton works with YouthBuild in their Alumni Engagement focus, conducting research and undertaking other duties to help spread the message of the organization’s mission.

Blockton originally came to Lewis and Clark to shift her priorities in life and find what she is passionate about. Taking into consideration her life experiences, Blockton focused her educational and volunteer efforts spreading awareness of and fighting poverty. She is currently a Lewis and Clark Honors College Student studying Education in the Greenville University transfer program. She has plans to continue her education further at a Master’s level.

“I am a lifelong learner and I am embracing it,” Blockton said.

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