L&C Blackboard Erases Portal For New Website




Darick Earney
Associate Editor

Lewis and Clark Community College bids farewell to the Blazernet website, giving staff and students a brand new semester with updates to the Blackboard main page for web browsing convenience.

Starting in late Fall 2015, L&C’s Technology Enhanced Learning Department (TELD) began making changes to the layout of the Blackboard login page. One of these changes includes the addition of separate tabs for students, teachers, and faculty to access their information in fewer clicks.

“At the start of the fall 2015 semester, all campus resources were available on the ‘My Campus’ tab. It was a little cluttered and somewhat overwhelming,” L&C Internet Course Administrator, Annette Ingram. “We changed the name to ‘Student Campus Network’ to allow us to separate resources for students vs. staff.”

The new ‘Student Campus Network’ tab allows students to check their emails, pay for classes online, graduation planning, upcoming events, clubs, and the weekly food menus for both the Reid and Commons Cafes.

Meanwhile, the ‘Employee Campus Network’ tab enables professors to easily locate resources regarding Curriculum Development, Staff Directory, Faculty information and more.

“We wanted to provide students and employees access to campus information, resources available and news in the same location they access their courses,” continued Ingram. “Users are able to personalize the look and feel of Blackboard to best meet their needs.”

Not only does Blackboard now offer a simple-to-use layout function, but it also grants users the ability to add more links, content, and tools using the ‘Add Module’ tab:

“The modules (boxes of information) may be moved around the page by clicking the top bar of a module and dragging it to a different location,” Mary Lou Watson, Technology Enhanced Learning Education Instructor said. “By clicking the ‘Add Module’ button, the user may supplement the tab with other types of information. Each user may also design her/his own personal module page.”

For more on the updates being made to Blackboard, or to make suggestions, call the Blackboard Support #: 618-468-4357, or visit the Blackboard Lab in NU L205 open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


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