Iran Wages War on Women


By Cassie Ames

A young woman named Mahsa Amini was taken into custody by the Iranian “Morality Police” for allegedly violating Iran’s Islamic dress code on September 13, 2022.

On September 16th Mahsa Amini was pronounced dead after falling into a coma.

The “Morality Police” claim her death had nothing to do with them arresting Mahsa but was due to an underlying medical condition. Yet, Mahsa’s family claims that her death was caused by the authorities who arrested her. They claimed the “Morality Police” had beaten and tortured Mahsa which caused her to pass out, fall into a coma, and then die.

Mahsa’s death has since sparked violent nationwide protests in Iran mostly led by the women who live there. They can be seen cutting their hair and burning their Hijabs in protests for Mahsa and against Iran’s insane laws.

Whether Mahsa’s death was caused by police or an “underlying heart condition”, I think that it doesn’t matter. I believe that Mahsa’s death was caused by the “Morality Police”. I don’t think that is important because either way you look at the situation the “Morality Police” and Iran’s laws are to blame for the violence erupting in their country. It is a war on women.

Every day in Iran, women are arrested by the so-called “Morality Police” for not wearing a Hijab, not wearing a Hijab correctly, the clothes that they wear, or anything they think needs “re-education”. Usually, they are arrested in brutal ways and beaten, from the numerous other recounts I have heard and videos I’ve seen. Iran treats women as second-class citizens and Iran’s people are outraged and are fighting for change. Now more women and men to are being killed during these protests by the same “Morality Police” said to have not killed Mahsa.

Women everywhere in Iran are increasingly going outside without their hijabs or head scarves as protests continue. The women and men of Iran are saying, “enough is enough;” I hope this is a turning point for the country. I do not wish death on any of the protesters in Iran, but I do hope that the death already caused and the fighting they are doing is not for nothing in the end. I stand with all the women of Iran and encourage everyone who reads this or reads other news about Iran to be a voice for them.

Mahsa was just one woman who died, but countless others have died in the same kind of circumstances as Mahsa. Don’t let them have died for nothing.

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