How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Greatest Trilogy Ending I’ve Ever Seen

Olivia Bettorf


The How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy all started in 2010, and has finally concluded in 2019. During the last nine years, this trilogy has given many heartfelt moments in each movie along with funny moments and adorable scenes from each dragon. Excluding of course the evil, scary dragons. The trilogy all started with a Viking boy named Hiccup becoming friends with his amazing dragon Toothless and showing his village that killing dragons is wrong. Many would argue that the first movie was the best, but the third and final movie must be the best ending movie to a series that could ever be.

First off, even though animation skills have grown since 2010, this movie could be by far the greatest animated movie ever. You could tell that the animation team for this movie took especially extra special time in making everything looked flawless and beautiful. If I could give the animation on this movie a rating it would be an absolute 100/10!

Secondly, the music doesn’t just bring back nostalgic feelings from the two previous movies, but also some new score music. The music was so moving, it could bring someone to tears if they’re emotionally unprepared. The music goes with the plot and scenes so well it almost seems too good to be true.

Thirdly, the character development for both humans and dragons really hits it home. The bonds between the characters and dragons can remind you of your pet that you have or perhaps once had. Even the antagonist has a good presentation as a film villain, evoking a sense of his incredibly evil nature. He is easy to hate as soon as he appears onto the screen.

Finally, every good movie trilogy needs a good ending. How To Train Your Dragon 3 absolute delivered an amazing ending to an amazing series! Not only did it give us an amazing ending fight scene, new beautiful dragons to love, more adorable moments from Toothless, and a heartfelt ending that makes you realize you don’t want the series to end.

If you have not seen any of these movies, I would highly recommend you do so and then go see the final movie. This film is worth every second of watching. Well done, Dreamworks!

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