How a Person’s Happiness and Well-Being Aligns

By Alexandra Blockton 

How much does your happiness and well-being mean to you? Many individuals have the desire for happiness that brings them feelings of safety, joy, and excitement. It can bring them great satisfaction! The kind of happiness that brings the ultimate smile to a person’s face, that comes when one acknowledges their feelings. Psychological richness, balance, harmony, and connection to one’s culture are three important factors included in research studies concerning an individual’s well-being and happiness.  

First, someone taking the time to be open and understanding with themselves can develop feelings of having a purpose-driven or fulfilling life. Someone who considers themselves psychologically rich has had their share of negative and positive experiences in life. Managing Editor of Greater Good, Kirma M. Newman says, “If your life is psychologically rich, you’d probably say that you’ve seen and learned a lot.”   

Second, in a research study concerning happiness participants were asked, “Would you rather live an exciting or peaceful life?” Most of them responded by choosing the option of living a calm and peaceful lifestyle. Someone who chooses to live a life filled with balance and harmony is more likely to be satisfied. Newman explains that “it’s a kind of energetic happiness that is characterized by feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and elation.” Someone can find that the worthy choice is of living a calm lifestyle. Living in peace is one of the most satisfying ways for someone to spend their life. It is soothing and nurturing for them to become their best self while living how they desire.  

Thirdly, an individual’s connection to their culture can be very meaningful for them. It can become a great learning experience for them and other individuals around them. “People have greater well-being when they’re involved in passing on knowledge to young people, engaging with their community, participating in cultural events, and developing a strong sense of identity and self-worth,” Newman shares. 

Lastly, an individual who is curious and open can create space in their life to assist them in building new connections. Someone practicing peaceful and calm living can help increase their happiness levels as well as their overall well-being in life. Individuals can connect with their culture through experiences. It can be memorable and bring them feelings of joy. Someone taking the time to attend events within a community while learning about their culture can bring them a significant amount of knowledge.  

Psychological richness can bring about an abundance of changes in life for the better because someone has had the time to learn from their negative and positive experiences in life. “Our lives become more psychologically rich when we study abroad, read certain kinds of books, change our perspectives, and experience dramatic life events,” Newman says. 


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