Horrors and Perks of Valentine’s Day

Anna Summers


There are many different horrors and perks when it comes to the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Around this time you will see many couples going out and having a good time; but is that what a relationship is? Just for this holiday? Or are there things behind closed doors that no one will know about it?

Sometimes people find out on Valentine’s Day that their partner is cheating. Some people will get dumped on this day as well.

Some actually get rejected by the person they have been crushing on forever and can develop the worst feeling. Also, Valentine’s Day is a commercial day with all the commercials running the whole day.

Although, at least fifty percent of people begin to hate Valentine’s Day, especially if they do not have a partner to celebrate with them. Valentine’s Day is also a reminder to some that they are lonely.

Although, there are many different horrors when it comes to this holiday, there are many different perks as well.

The chocolates, other candy, and sugary treats go on sale right after this holiday. The jewelry companies have major sales on their items in the store or on their websites.

The different types of flowers and even their most popular flower, the bouquet of roses, go on sale. These are a very popular gift to give to your partner.

It is a day to do something thoughtful for someone like a family member, a friend, or your special person. It is also the best day to get engaged or proposed to, which increases the rates.

It’s a day to show off your brand creatively. The festivities can make it super memorable for both you and your partner as well. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day anywhere: school, work, or in public.

As you can see there are some perks and horrors with this special holiday.

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