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Kelly Rulison
Sports Editor

Whether man or woman, most people feel uncomfortable with their weight at one point or another in their life. Here are some things to consider when trying to lose weight.

The first and most important step one could take in the process of shedding pounds is to learn to be comfortable with their current weight.

It’s not easy and it might seem unimportant, given that the goal is to get rid of the weight, but to go to the gym eager to lose the weight in a day will result in a sense of failure. Do it for health benefits or to become physically stronger; those reasons won’t tear down one’s self-esteem if immediate results aren’t shown.

The best thing to do when exercising, if it’s not done regularly, is to set a pace that works for the individual. Many gyms have group activities that people can get involved in like yoga and Zumba. Don’t worry about keeping up with groups that have set routines if that routine isn’t a fit.

Next, find a type of exercise that works best for the individual person. Not everyone feels comfortable or even enjoys the boring treadmill or simple weight lifting. If a more interactive style works for you, try jumping on a trampoline, riding a bicycle, or swimming.

When you work out, focus more on the activity rather than how much weight is being lost. Take a stroll with a friend or listen to some music while walking around the block for about 30-45 minutes, three to five times a week.

Diet is also a big part of the weight loss program, however there isn’t a need to get overwhelmed by completely changing diets. If salads bring out a cringe, then give steamed or raw vegetables with peanut butter a shot, and if that doesn’t cut it, give some fruit a try.

The important thing to remember when dieting is to think what the healthier choice is while in the midst of deciding; however, don’t completely cut out your favorite foods. Fried chicken with steamed vegetables can be an easy start to transition into healthier choices down the road.

All in all, love thyself unconditionally, exercise with caution to self-esteem, and eat good food with healthy food.

For more information or to get started on losing weight visit the L&C free workout room located in the River Bend Arena, and for more information on good nutrition visit the L&C Health Clinic in Fobes.

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