Gumbo 2 Geaux Restaurant Opening


By Isabelle Flener


Gumbo 2 Geaux made their grand opening on October 14, 2022. Gumbo 2 Geaux is an authentic Cajun restaurant, serving in Alton. Kyndra and Troy Green are the owners and creators of Gumbo 2 Geaux.


“Gumbo 2 Geaux stems from South Louisiana and LSU. ‘Geaux’ is the French spelling of the word ‘go’. I speak some French and Troy can speak fluently in French. He can also read and write in the language. We teach our young boys French too. Gumbo 2 Geaux is truly a cultural play on words,” says Kyndra Green, Gumbo 2 Geaux owner.


“Geaux’, meaning ‘go’ is a Louisiana colloquialism. ‘Lagniappe’ means ‘a little something extra’. “Laissez les bon temps roulez’ which means ‘let the good times roll’ is a saying said a lot in Louisiana,” shares Troy Green.


Currently, the restaurant is open from 12pm-8pm. They have been selling out every day since the opening by early evening.


“In the next few weeks, we are carefully making some changes to better the food and staff life. We genuinely want to serve as many people as possible that want to try our food,” said K. Green.


“My favorite menu items are hands down shrimp po-boys, sweet peas and the cabbage,” shares K. Green. “Seafood and Potato Salad are definitely my favorites,” says T. Green.


“I have always had the truest desire to share my Cajun culture with others. I was born and raised in Rayne, Louisiana. The biggest Cajun town in the state. Where we come from is a super cool place, and there is just this ambiance about Louisiana,” states K. Green.


“Half of personality is being from Louisiana. Everyone I talk to who has been there always wants to instantly share their stories. When my mom was growing up Cajun was potentially going to be a category on standardized testing, the younger generation does not take it as seriously. I dearly want to keep the culture alive. Everything I produce is Cajun because I am a Cajun woman,” shares K. Green.


“When I was younger, I was a server at a Logan’s Roadhouse. A bartender no called no showed and I had to bartend. This was going to be my first time, and clearly, I was nervous. My longtime friend, Shavone Morgan came up to me and said, ‘This is your bar. Do not let anyone come up here and shake you. You work hard and fast, take your time and do not allow anyone to rush you.’ I have taken that and held on to it since that moment,” says K. Green.


“One of our core values is trying your best. I know if I am doing my best no one can make me feel bad about my work. We can lay down at the end of the night undoubtedly knowing we gave our all. There is an inspirational quote I really like, that goes along with this. ‘If you don’t like how you feel today, look around and take notes and changes you need to make and wake up tomorrow and make them.’ You must take ownership of your life, if you do you will never feel that way again. Easier said than done but you never know until you try,” shares K. Green.


To those wanting to open a restaurant, the food comes second to service. Anyone is capable of cooking tasty food, but not everyone can properly handle situations that come up and keep the customer happy. Be graceful and try to improve from negative comments, K. Green says.


Write a business plan and stick with it as much as possible. But do not be afraid to adjust if needed, T. Green advises.


“This opening means everything to me. It honestly promises a future for my kids. I eagerly want to share my food, but helping my babies be successful and shine is the most significant thing to me. I enjoy maintaining a flexible schedule and feeling a sense of freedom I have never had,” shares K. Green.


“We hope to bring good food, great service, and good times!” exclaims K. Green.


Gumbo 2 Geaux is located at 1808 Washington Avenue, Alton, Illinois.


Contact 618-208-7048 to get in touch.


Gumbo 2 Geaux


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