Gamers Treated To Free Video Games and Pizza On Video Game Day



Photo provided by: L&C Flickr
Eric Welch

Lewis and Clark Community College students were given the chance to enjoy free pizza and video games as part of Video Game Day, held on Oct. 7 in Hatheway Hall.

This was the second time a Video Game Day was hosted by Student Activities. The event itself was organized in association with an outside company called Legacy Entertainment, who contacted Student Activities to schedule a date for Video Game Day.

Everything from the screens, consoles, and video games themselves were provided by Legacy, while the pizza came from Student Activities.

“We have a lot of gamers here at L&C and there was good competition, whether for pizza or just to game. Everyone who came over to Hatheway had a nice time,” Paula Rhodes, Student Activities president, said.

There were a variety of games featured, including the hit military first-person-shooter franchise “Call of Duty,” interactive music games such as “Rock Band” and “Just Dance,” and fighting games like “Super Smash Bros.”

Many people were present at the event, and while no long lines formed, controllers were almost always occupied. People were also willing to share controllers to ensure that everyone got a chance to play.

“I was thinking about having it once a semester. Based on the success of it this time, I definitely want to have it in the spring,” Coordinator of Student Activities, Jared Hennings, said.

For more information, contact Jared Hennings at or call (618) 468-6400.

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