Food availability on Campus



Food availability on the Lewis and Clark campus
Food availability on the Lewis and Clark campus
Eric Welch
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Food is an important resource to students on campus and it comes in two forms: snack machines and cafes. The student club SCORE and the Business Planning class are working towards a third option.

This project is a food cart that will be moving through the halls on campus.

 “It is a project that was created by the business class to give them a lab to use for practical experience,” Accounting professor, Doug Schneiderheinze said.

Hours of operation are still being worked out by the students involved. It is expected to begin operations either late this semester or at the beginning of the spring semester.

 “We will not be open during cafe hours and we hope to fill that niche that appears after 2:00 p.m.” Schneiderheinze said.

The menu will include several types of coffee, soft drinks, and food wraps that will be easy to eat on the go. The cart will also be very accessible since it will have an app that will tell students where to find it.

L&C Business Coordinator Professor Doug Schneiderheinze, advisor to the SCORE club, along with business students. (Image: Lewis and Clark Media Department)
L&C Business Coordinator Professor Doug Schneiderheinze, adviser to the SCORE club, along with business students. (Image: Lewis and Clark Media Department)

Anyone seeking more information about the food cart is welcome to attend the next business meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 4, in Caldwell Hall 3319.

While this food cart will be great for students on campus as consumers, it may also present an opportunity for business students. Profits of the food cart may go towards business scholarships for students here on campus.

While the food cart will add variety to campus, it may be time to examine a problem that exists on campus already.

A poll of the student body questioned 70 students. 22 of them agreed that the snack machines on campus were unreliable.

Of the students who use the vending machines 48 percent of them don’t trust them.

”They are reliable and convenient. (Although) it might be that one time where you put in your money in and don’t get anything back.” Occupational Therapy Assistant student, Shakeyia Brooks said.

Poll results also show 60 percent of students who use the snack machines have had problems with them in the past.

“They are awful. I could have the most crisp dollar bill and it still won’t take my money. They are also a little overpriced” Psychology student, Josh Chappell said.

If students experience problems with the vending machines, contact (618)-468-3170 for a refund. This doesn’t solve the vending machine problem, but it ensures that students are not robbed.


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