Fall Fest Welcomes L&C Students to the New Semester



Photo by: Krystie Morrison
Photo by: Krystie Morrison
Kelly Rulison
Copy Editor

Lewis and Clark Community College held Fall Fest inside River Bend Arena from 11-2 p.m. August 31. Students and staff enjoyed three hours of jam-packed activities, games, and clubs tables.

This year’s fall fest was a little different from last year because not only did the event get extended to last an extra hour, but some new clubs made their first introduction to the students at this event.

Reid Memorial Library had a table at Fall Fest with information packets about what the library has to offer. The library has more than just academic books, it also has the latest movies and best sellers said one of the librarians at the table.

The library was promoting a scavenger hunt, which was held Sept. 6-9, with the theme “Where’s Harriet Haskell.” Haskell was principle of Monticello Seminary for 40 years. L&C’s campus was once home to Monticello, an all-girl school that transitioned into L&C in the 1970s.

During the scavenger hunt, photos of Haskell were spread throughout campus. The photos had clues on the back of them, which prompted students to find a book or object and bring it to the library front desk for a prize.

The psychology club is actually 10 years old, but it was restarted in fall 2015. The club is open to all students, psychology majors or not.

Cru is a new Christian club for students to get together and have Bible study. Their table included information sheets, surveys for students about joining the club, and free products for students to take, like water bottles and candy.

Business of Comedy is a 1-year-old club started in fall 2015 by students who want to gather with others and play games.

This year’s winners for best club tables were Occupational Therapy Assistant Club -first place for their Ghostbusters themed table and games; Architecture Club – second place for their table full of 3-D models; and Nursing Club – third place for their table that included drunk goggles and beer pong with soda.

For more information about Fall Fest and the clubs contact Jared Hennings at jhenning@lc.edu.


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