Fall Fest 2021: ‘Symbolic of what’s to come’

By Keenan A. Mount


This year’s Fall Fest, a staple of Lewis and Clark’s event calendar, saw a somewhat aggressive amount of breeze but far more importantly it saw a large amount of people eager to get involved in a community and physically congregate. It was made easy to do so thanks to the catered food, curated music, and assorted games that brought in students.

Clubs at Lewis and Clark saw this excitement for the Lewis and Clark community first hand in the form of more members and interest for their club. Steve Higgins, fourth year Pride Club advisor, cites “isolation induced by the pandemic” for the exceptional generation of interest and support for Pride Club.

Drama Club, a newly established student collective, attended its first Fall Fest this year. Onyx Laird, the founder and president, was happy for the recruitment opportunity that is Fall Fest and said, “I am happy with the amount of awareness we haved drummed up with this event.” Onyx reported doubling the Drama Club’s member count thanks to their attendance at Fall Fest. Video Game Club, the largest club at Lewis and Clark, reported having nearly one hundred members, thanks, in part, to Fall Fest.

Services at Lewis and Clark, like the Student Success Center, also utilized Fall Fest as an opportunity to make students more aware of the help they provide. Marie Busler, a student support specialist with the Student Success Center, sees Fall Fest as a “grand opportunity” to advertise an otherwise “hard to market, at least in a fun way,” but important service that is the Student Success Center.

The vocal organizer, Jared Hennings, at Fall Fest could be heard throughout the event announcing and organizing little competitions, such as hula hoop and dance. Jared Hennings, student activities coordinator at Lewis and Clark, would describe Fall Fest as a “signature event” and holds the sentiment that the waning pandemic tensions made this year’s Fall Fest more special. A sentiment shared by Dr. Ken Trzaska, who attended his first Fall Fest as President of Lewis and Clark. Dr. Trzaska sees the event as “symbolic of what’s to come”. 


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