Fall Choir Concert Exhibits Sounds of Dedication, Unity, and Passion in the Voices of Student Performers

By Katie Loethen 


On Nov. 29, Lewis and Clark’s concert hall resonated with captivating melodies. The students’ voices echoed in the culmination of the dedication and passion they poured into this remarkable choir concert. The room was packed with an eager audience, anticipating a musical journey meticulously prepared by tireless rehearsals. 

“Choir is a wonderful way to build community,” Juliet Jackson, the choir teacher, highlighted the essence of togetherness and trust nurtured within the choir. “Singers rely on trust and support, sharing energy in each rehearsal. Laughter often accompanies our shared singing, uplifting us and leaving us feeling fulfilled,” she expressed. 

The concert featured an eclectic repertoire, showcasing the versatility and depth of the choir’s talent. From classics like “Aquarius,” “September,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody,” to contemporary hits like “Hello,” “Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing,” and “Happy.” Each song was performed impeccably, a testament to the dedication and skill of the performers. 

“We dedicated ourselves to rehearsals every Monday and Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. since the beginning of the semester,” Jackson explained. 

The choir group holds a special place for many students, serving as a platform for expression and solace. “Choir means a lot to me because it gives me an outlet to express myself,” Natalie O’rando shared, an example of the inclusivity and acceptance within the choir community. 

Some performers faced the adversity of nerves building before the concert, until the stage filled with energy and became a place of joy. “I thought I would be more nervous and anxious, but it was actually fun,” Jas C. admitted. For Jas, the impact of the choir concert was deeper than a successful performance. “Music is a means of escapism for me and my anchor in life.” 

The concert was not just a display of musical prowess, but a celebration of unity, diversity and the profound connection forged by music. It provided a platform for students to express themselves, find confidence, and navigate life’s complexities through the language of song. 

As the final notes of “Separate Ways” faded, the audience was left with an indelible memory of the power of music in fostering a sense of belonging and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.  



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