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Photo provided by: Flickr.com
Photo provided by: Flickr.com
Helen Paige Jarden
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Video game company Square Enix is preparing to release the fifth, and final episode, of their game “Life Is Strange” this October.

“Life is Strange” is a supernatural/mystery game set in the modern day, and made by the game developers, Square Enix, who created the acclaimed 2013 Tomb Raider reboot.

This is Square Enix’s first episodic game, meaning that it is released through episodes rather than one entire package.

The story follows the life of Max Caulfield after she wakes up from a mysterious dream about a disastrous tornado that would destroy Arcadia Bay, her home town. She quickly discovers that after her bizarre dream, she has gained a superpower– the ability to rewind time.

Several mysteries unfold as the day of the tornado approaches, Max struggles to find the answer to the disappearance of a fellow classmate and the meaning of her power.

“Life is Strange” has many traits that make it stand out from other games. The player is occasionally faced with decisions that have consequences that build on the story, making the game a little different each playthrough.

It also has a unique gameplay mechanic, the ability to rewind time, which is helpful for solving puzzles, and even re-thinking decisions before moving forward to the next episode.

While “Life Is Strange” may not be the most graphically advanced, but its visuals prove that video games don’t have to be hyperrealistic to be beautiful.

The music in the game is mostly from well known indie bands, such as alt-J and Syd Matters. Each song adds to the story as well, being placed in a scenes that relates to the plot.

However, “Life is Strange” does have a few flaws that may stick out to its players. When a character talks, their mouths don’t move in sync with their words, and the concept of time travel is nothing new to today’s audiences.

The game still has the potential to be a favorite among gamers, especially those who have waited anxiously for the final episode:

“It’s a really fun game with well-developed and surprisingly complex characters,” Brennen Larson, Alton, Computer Science.

“Life Is Strange” is available on most consoles, including Playstation 3 and 4, via Playstation Network (PSN), Xbox One and 360 via Xbox Live, and Steam for PC.

The game is reasonably priced, with each episode being only $5, and the full season pass, giving buyers all five episodes and bonus content, is available for $20 total. There is also a free demo of the first episode on PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam to gamers who want to give it a try.

While a sequel was recently teased online by Square Enix, it’s existence depends partly on the popularity of its first game. Whether or not it comes out will probably be answered when it’s current season concludes this October.

To learn more about “Life Is Strange,” visit the website at lifeisstrange.com, or follow Square Enix on their website Square-Enix.com or on Twitter @SquareEnix for episode release updates.


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