eNewsletter Blazes Trails, Keeps Students Informed



Photo provided by: L&C Flickr
Photo provided by: L&C Flickr
Drew Myers
Staff Writer

Blazing through the web to your student email comes the new online expansion of the college’s newsletter, entitled the Trailblazer Times.

Lewis and Clark Community College has recently increased its presence on social media sites to share information and current event stories to students. In attempt to reach even more of its audience, the college sent the first newsletter by email on Monday, October 26, 2015.

“We feel an email newsletter is a great avenue to reach students, but we will also continue to communicate with the L&C community via our social media accounts and website. We want to meet students where they are at, wherever that may be,” according to Media Specialist and Adjunct Faculty Member, Louise Jett.

The Media Service department here on campus developed this idea and will conduct its production. Curating the newsletter is the responsibility of Media Specialist Ariel Weinman.

Students will receive copies at the beginning of each week. Topics covered will range from photographs, lunch menus, news stories, upcoming events, student spotlights, important dates, and other informational sources.

Media Services Manager Laura Inlow said, “We want them to be informed and be able to feel connected with everything that is going on with the college. This email newsletter is only one avenue, others including social media and lc.edu, toward that end. Ongoing, we will continue looking at new technologies that will help us further expand that effort.”

L&C is also proudly dedicated to implementing more environmentally friendly options and techniques.

According to lc.edu/green, “Lewis and Clark has come a long way – through its work with the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center and as a part of the Illinois Green Economy Network – in infusing education with sustainability efforts and promoting green living and working practices throughout the community.”

Using technology like email instead of sending out a paper copy of the newsletter promotes the green movement. The amount of paper it would take to try and reach the intended audience would have a negative environmental impact.

Check out your student emails each week to keep up on current events or email lcnews@lc.edu to suggest newsletter items.


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