Elden Ring Review 

By Dalton Comporato


Elden Ring, by FromSoftware, is a wild gaming experience. It gives the phrase “can’t like it until you try it” as the game play is exceedingly difficult in general. The first part right after the tutorial dungeon of the game will be hitting you with all it got, right out of the gate. But you can set  your own pace to level up and get stronger, with better states, armor and weapons. What you want to  do is go in like a madman and see how great or fast you can finish the game. As you should bet  the game first time with a build focusing on weapons, magic, or both. Even if you have a build  you might die around a thousand times before mastering your own build. Some NPCs can easily be defeated, some are going to be trouble. Bosses are a different story, they are faster  than you and stronger than you. Rushing the game you’re stuck in a room with the boss. But taking your time in the game, the boss is stuck in a room with you. 

Customizing your character “Tarnished” is one of the enjoyable parts of the game, as the game  does very well. Customizing your own character can also be a little challenging. Having your  ideal character from your imagination can be a little daunting, as the wrong move with the sliders to change your character’s face can change other features just like in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  You will most likely be on character creation more than on the game’s tutorial dungeon.  But the tutorial dungeon does give you a good feel for the game. Everything you know about the combat system for Dungeons & Dragons and Elder Scroll is stand on its head as you can have any  weapon of choice as you can double wield two handed weapons for more power but with the qualifications. 

This game gives the gamers that are looking for a challenge to fill in that gap. Just to play, and don’t finish the next day, as a lot of gamers struggle with these days. Finishing quests in the game does give you the feeling of accomplishment. This game is great for testing your gamer skills and see what you’re worth, if you’re going to play on multiplayer, that is.  After playing this game you will think that a lot of games you own are lacking in one thing: challenge.

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