Dummies Guide to Giving a Good Gift

Bad Christmas Gifts

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Kyle Watts

Staff Writer

When consulting a newspaper article on how to give a gift, it is recommended to pay attention to the advice given.  It may prevent a trip to the doghouse.  Here are some bullet points on how to give a gift, and then how to make it a Good Gift (note the use of capital letters):

  • Observe the recipient of the gift for a period of time.  The precise measure is determined by your ability to deduce, as well as the target’s habits.  In any event, do not attempt to be stealthy unless you’ve been trained so; you’ll make your observing even more obvious.  No one likes a blatant stalker.  Observation doesn’t mean just watching, talk to the subject(s) too!
  • Write up a short-list of habits, likes, and dislikes.  Note particularly long processes that they go through every day despite being difficult.  Note exercises the subject(s) performs, like frequently stretching or rubbing of the neck – these can imply discomfort.  Thus, easy passable gifts.
  • Go shopping with the subject(s). See which stores they visit, and note items they double back to see.  Research these items, and if it is part of a set, see if your subject(s) have other pieces to the set.
  • Do not give money or gift cards to people you actually know or care about, even if they ask.  It will help your subject(s) learn to articulate what they want, and complying with money and cards shows lack of imagination.

To give a Great Gift takes months, perhaps years of getting to know your subject(s).  Get to know them on a personal level; find out wants, needs, and goals.  When you have achieved the level of information to give a Great Gift, you will know.  You will think of the subject(s) for a time, and a singular moment of clarity will come to you.  (Do not wait for this to happen, as it cannot be relied upon).

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