Discovering Discover Day

Devin Myers


Discover Day is an event that Lewis and Clark Community College hosts for Christopher Columbus/Indigeneous Peoples Day, and is open to the public for people to socialize and gather information about different programs, clubs, and organizations at Lewis and Clark of which they might be interested in being a part. Many different booths were set up outside on campus to give out information and reach out to students to help them become a part of something more. 

A non-profit organization supporting mental health awareness and education for students called Active Minds was there to raise awareness and erase the stigma about certain mental health issues and promote suicide prevention. Active Minds is at college campuses all over the country, working towards finding a place where students can go if needed. The organization also held an ice-cream social at Shivers in Godfrey on October 16. To find out more about Active Minds you can visit

89.9 WLCA College Radio’s Best was there promoting the station and talking to people about the college’s radio program. The station covers news, sports, and music, and often does on-air giveaways. The radio program is very hands on and allows students to make a lot of connections. “It’s a great program and really gets you prepared to be in radio” said Nathan Pearcy. 

The Justice Busters is Lewis and Clark’s criminal justice club, and the club was there to tell people about the new organization and the Criminal Justice program. “From the very first day I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” said Ryley Storey. The club is for anyone interested in law or politics wanting to discuss new ways and ideas to help make the program even better, not just for criminal justice majors. The Justice Buster’s first meeting took place on October 24 at 1:30pm in 225 Hasekall Hall.

The Student Activities club was there, and they wanted people to know that anyone can join. “I always love to have new people and ideas,” said Jenna Shelton who, is the Student Activities president. They hold two meetings a month and have food for members that attend.

Discover Day was a good opportunity for people to have a better understanding of what Lewis and Clark Community College is all about and provide information to help inspire people to explore education options that are available to them through the college.

Photo caption: L&C mascot, Blazer, shows off during Discover Day. Photo by Trevor Ayres.

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