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Alexandra Blockton


This year’s 2020 extravagant occasion, which included numerous activities, is a tribute for new students planning to enroll in the near future for Lewis and Clark. The majority of the students in attendance are high school students and their families. They come here to campus to locate their major and enjoy the fun festivities that come along with it, such as the walking tacos, which were served to students and their families at no cost. While current L&C students, faculty, staff, advisors, coordinators, etc., were able to provide the most up to date and accurate information. In regard to enrolling in one of the degree programs here at L&C, there were also multiple games for enrolling students to play and win prizes of L&C logo t-shirts, backpacks, school supplies and lots more! Media services were also distributing prizes for completing a short survey. 

“We really want to emphasize the earlier students complete applications and submit their maximizing their eligibility for grants. There is also a cell phone app,” said Mary-Kate Terry in financial aid.

It was very valuable for students and their families to be able to view and speak with current students and faculty members from  Lewis and Clark nursing program, student development and counseling, College for Life, financial aid, Phi Theta Kappa for Honors College, speech (public speaking), criminal justice, welding, Pathways to STEM leadership scholarships with Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Ill., as well as Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE). One of the advantages for being a Phi Theta Kappa student in honors college is that it looks good on resumes and helps with scholarships. Cathy Laramee, coordinator of Nelson Campus, located in Edwardsville, Ill.,was in attendance for students who are considering enrolling for the location of her campus. 

Student Mili Pinksi, who attends Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville, said, “Communication is more than just speeches, and the career options are endless.”

There were also current L&C students, instructors, teachers, associate professors, etc., for new students looking to enroll in mass communication, process operations technology/ instrumentation and control systems, Missouri Baptist University, and Student Success Center, among others. New students looking to enroll were given a chance to learn about the multiple careers offered here at our L&C, along with other college campuses they partnership with, such as Missouri Baptist University and SIUE. 

Student Success Center specialist Ashley Luster said, “It’s important to advertise one-on-one tutoring for the Student Success Center. It’s covered through student fees, and students should really consider getting the extra help at no cost.” New students, as well as current students, should take full advantage of the Student Success Center while attending classes here at L&C. 

There were also current students in attendance to promote their clubs here on campus, including The Bridge (campus newspaper), BSA (Black Student Association), LC Pride, SGA (Student Government Association) and the Video Game Club etc.

L&C Program Director Nathan Pearcy, of the radio station, said, “It’s a very hands-on program. It has great success with job placement. We have half of our graduating class being placed into radio.”

Trailblazer Commons Property Manager Moselle Ash was in attendance to answer any questions for new students and family members interested in the on-campus apartments which are offered for students at L&C, located in Godfrey, Ill.  They offer shared bedrooms, private bedrooms and other amenities, along with the apartment, depending exactly on your style of choice. New students looking to reside there were also given a tour to view the apartments.

If you are looking to join the Video Game Club please contact David Crull at email: and for LC Pride contact either Shaggy at or Steve Higgins at The LC Pride respects as well as honors all students’ confidentiality.

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