Differences Between High School and College Teachers

Anna Summers

There are many differences between college professors and high school teachers! Although, in some ways, high school teachers can be very easy like college teachers. Then in other ways, college professors can be just like high school teachers.

In my opinion, I like college professors much more than high school teachers. They’re cooler and can become more like a friend to you than a high school teacher.

I get along with college professors way better than I do high school teachers, all because of the way they’ll behave with students and situations in or out of the classroom.

High school teachers are very strict when it comes to cell phone policies. They’ll take your phones away and keep them until after class, or even take them to the administrator’s office for you to have to retrieve later.

High school teachers also very strict when it comes to turning in homework and being on time for class. You can’t joke around with them or even have a normal conversation without them coming at you head-first on if you have any missing assignments.

In addition, high school teachers will also almost always say “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I actually do!” For college professors, it is quite the opposite. Professors couldn’t care less if you even show up to the class or not, they leave it up to you to decide.

College professors are very cool with their students. Also, they are very lenient when it comes to cell phones, coming to class on time, and doing homework. In college, you also do not have to ask to go to the restroom, unlike in high school. In college, you can just get up and walk out without even asking and it’s fine. Also, there are times when you can be there for a few minutes and then you can leave whenever you want to. In high school, you have to do every single thing the teacher tells you at exactly the time they say. By far, college professors are superior to their high school counterparts.

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