Dental Presentation Bringing Smiles to Lewis and Clark Students!

Ashtyn Britt

Tiffany Grant gave a presentation on public health and the dental profession to students in Reid library on Feb 21, 2019 at 12:15 P.M. The event was one of many held in honor of Black History Month, to reflect on the many areas of accomplishments that people of color both in the past and present have achieved. After a brief and heartfelt introduction from BSA and Student Activities advisor Jared Hennings, Tiffany Grant approached the podium to speak to the students about her experiences in the dental profession. There were a variety of students in attendance, mainly nursing and dental students excited to hear of Grant’s experience and wisdom.

Grant briefly greeted everyone for joining before going on to explain the underestimated importance of dental hygiene and how it affects many people’s everyday life and sense of self-image. “It affects more than your mouth, it affects your self-esteem,” says Grant. “They don’t know the impact we have on other people’s lives.”

Grant then went further on to discuss the socio-economic issues involved with receiving dental care, specifically based on whether or not someone may or may not have dental insurance. Grant acknowledged how for many, health insurance is hard enough to come by, let alone dental. Grant made sure to specifically discuss disadvantaged populations for oral health, such as the elderly and people of color. Grant also briefly mentioned generational attitudes, especially that of Millennials who usually also can’t afford doctor visits or dentist visits.

Grant then goes on to discuss how people need to have a strategy for oral health, including brushing one’s teeth twice a day and flossing. Grant explained the importance and connection of oral health to overall health, discussing how healthy oral health habits usually lead to significantly less bacterial build-up in the body.

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