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Image by Geierunited - "Polygon face"<br > Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
Image by Geierunited – “Polygon face”
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – 

Shawn Blackwell
Staff Contributor


As the 2015 spring semester at Lewis and Clark Community College concludes, many students have begun planning what courses they wish to enroll in next semester. However, some offered classes aren’t well-known to the student population.

Such classes include: Creative Writing, Theory and Design of Video Games, 3D Modeling and Animation, as well as a certificate program on Social Media Marketing.

Students interested in entering the Criminal Justice program are sure to take a class on forensics, but may not be aware that a course on Crime and Pop Culture is also available.

For example, L&C offers the option of taking a course on Creative Writing, focusing on poetry, which can fulfill a literary requirement.

“I was completely unaware they had classes like that… for someone wanting to explore differences in literature, or even art, that’s a great class for them,” undecided major, Samantha Tibbitts said.

When students make their decisions on what classes to enroll in, they usually have the help of a counselor to assist in making the right choices for their degree.

“While attending Lewis and Clark, students have the opportunity to take courses that may be personally appealing, but may also count towards their major. Many of our courses are also part of our wonderful certificate programs as well,” L&C Advisor Eileen Martindale said.

With these classes, students are capable of taking classes that are unconventional, but may also pertain to their major.

The certificate programs, though not accepted transferable credits, allow students to make themselves more marketable not only to schools, but also on resumes for better business opportunities.

Students are encouraged to browse through for L&C’s course catalog, which includes both summer and online classes.  


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