Construction at LC Makes for a Detour

Safety Detour

By Kal Weiss and James Pepper 

On Wednesday, April 10, construction started on the outer part of the Lewis and Clark Community College (LC) Main Complex, which caused two entrances to be blocked.  

The entrance to Baldwin Hall adjacent to the stairs that lead to the enrollment office and the doors that lead into Caldwell next to the cafeteria have been closed off with safety fencing and “Caution: Safety Detour” signs. The detour leads to the Wade Hall entrance. 

The vice president of the school, Dr. Lori Artis, verified the reason behind the construction.  “The old fire main is leaking, but it is leaking on the outside of the building, not affecting the interior of the Main Complex,” said Artis. “Crews are working quickly to replace the fire main as it feeds the fire suppression systems for the Main Complex, and we want to ensure there is no interruption to any potential fire suppression services inside the building.” 

The construction is aimed to be finished by the end of the summer. 

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