Community, Connection, and BBQ: L&C’s Queer Student Union Welcome Week Event

By: James Pepper 

The second day of Welcome Week at Lewis and Clark was marked by an exciting event hosted by the L&C Queer Student Union. As part of the week filled with engaging activities organized by various clubs, the Queer Student Union hosted a BBQ Cookout that left attendees with a memorable evening.  

Originally planned to take place in The Grove, an outdoor space just outside the Math and Science Building, the event was moved indoors due to the extreme heat experienced during the second half of August. The indoor BBQ Cookout took place on Tuesday, August 22nd, running from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and proved to be a crowd-puller, drawing many students. 

The catering for the event was expertly handled by Big Boy’s Q and Southern Soul Food, ensuring a delicious spread that catered to diverse tastes. The enticing aromas of barbecued delights filled the indoor venue, setting the stage for an evening of food, fun, and good times. 

“I thought the event went well! Got to meet amazing people. It was wholesome,” said an attendee, Celeste Gibbons. 

“This event was a great opportunity for our students to connect with each other regardless of their background. There were smiles all around and good times to be had, and we found a lot of hidden talent. Super excited for the next time we have an event,” said one of the event organizers, Daniel Nosce.  

The L&C Queer Student Union’s indoor BBQ Cookout during Welcome Week can be marked as a resounding success. Not only did it provide a platform for students to connect and foster diversity, but it also highlighted the club’s commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive campus atmosphere. With food and a lively atmosphere, this event has undoubtedly set the stage for more exciting gatherings in the future at L&C. 

2023 Welcome Week BBQ Cookout

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