Career Closet Offers Clothing Resource for Job Seekers

Graphic By Adam Hill
Graphic By Adam Hill
By Cailin Daniels
Staff Writer

Making a positive first impression is an essential component of a successful interview.  Alice Bunjan, L&C’s Manager of Career Services, along with other members of the committee have worked to put together a resource to help students do just that.

Lewis and Clark Community College holds an annual job fair, but this year’s will include something a little different.

The day of the fair, Apr. 2, will also mark the day that L&C’s new student resource, the career closet, will be made available. At the job fair, two samples of appropriate interview outfits will be set up as guides, one for a male, the other for a female.

Besides the sample outfits, appointment cards will be set out with information about how to reach the career closet committee and gain access to the closet’s clothing racks.

This is a tool that is geared toward helping students who are nearing the end of their education prepare for the interviews that will allow them to finally begin their careers. The items offered will be free of charge and open to all Lewis and Clark students who may be interested.

“I think the Career Closet is a great idea. It’s wonderful what they are doing for Lewis and Clark students,” Fine Arts major, Maren Valyo said.

The Career Closet is made possible by the donations of Lewis and Clark students, staff, and faculty as well as the community. The clothing items, clothing racks, and hangers have been donated. No campus budget money has been spent in order to fund the project.

The committee began taking donations since the beginning of the 2014 Spring semester. Donations are still welcome, and may include men and women’s clothes, shoes, or accessories. Currently, the closet consists of two full racks of clothing, along with shoes.

The committee’s main concern is that they will not be able to collect a wide enough variety suitable to every student’s needs in during a few short months.

“We want to provide support to students who may not otherwise have resources to purchase their own,” Bunjan said.

Students are encouraged to go out and take advantage of the resources that Lewis and Clark has so generously provided. For more information about the career closet, visit  L&C online or contact Alice Bunjan at

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