Brandt Performs at Lewis and Clark Community College

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Cailin Daniels

Staff Writer

The second month of autumn on the campus of Lewis and Clark Community College was jumpstarted by an enjoyable concert performed by Brandt, a unique two-man band. On October 23, students escaped autumn’s chill by gathering in the Reid Café to enjoy an attention-grabbing performance by the two members of Brandt – brothers Eric and Chris Barfield. If one of the members looked somewhat familiar, it’s not déjà vu. Though he was a part of another band, Eric has made an appearance at Lewis and Clark once before. In fact, Jared Hennings, the Student Activities Adviser, said that one of the major reasons he chose Brandt to perform was because of his awareness of Eric’s ability.

Eric and Chris each contributed to the vocal part of the performance, but the signature element of this show was the piano duo. The only instruments used were the keyboards, which each man was equipped, and it seems that keyboards were all that Brandt needed to entertain its audience. Judging by the attention given to the band, it appeared that several students in the café found Brandt’s performance interesting and entertaining.

Maren Valyo, one student who attended the performance, said, “I liked their style of music.”

Brandt’s style is different from those who are typically chosen to play in the cafeteria, but Hennings said that detail was another motivating factor behind the selection of this band.

“I wanted to introduce students to different music,” Hennings said. “Rarely are there piano duos available.”

Eric Barfield has a background in classical music. While E. Barfield was an adolescent, he developed a love for rock music. At Lewis and Clark, Brandt’s concert displayed of bit of Eric’s musical taste by presenting students with renditions of popular songs by well-known alternative rock bands, such as Coldplay and The Killers.

Overall, Brandt’s performance went well, and it provided students with a good source of entertainment.

“The concert made my lunch hour more enjoyable,” said Mary Walker, a L&C student.

According to Walker, the effort put into organizing this concert proved worthwhile.


To hear more from and about Brandt and particularly Eric Barfield, you can visit his website at or view Eric’s YouTube channel at


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