“Blues Harmony: Celebrating Black History Month at Lewis and Clark Community College” 



By Katie Loethen 


In celebration of Black History Month, Lewis and Clark Community College (LC) coordinated a vibrant and culturally enriching event that paid homage to the profound influence of Blues music in African American heritage.  

The event convened in the Commons on Thursday, Feb. 8 and served as a significant platform for sharing the intricate history and captivating artistry embedded in the soulful sounds of Blues music. Catering was provided by the Student Activities organization, offering free spaghetti with side items and root beer floats.  

Jared Hennings, Student Activities Coordinator, expressed his satisfaction with the event. 

“I’m very pleased. When I look around the room, I see a broad spectrum of students not only in volume but in gender, around almost every table,” said Jared Hennings. 

Expounding further, Hennings provided insights into the featured artist.  

“There isn’t any blues band in this town that I think does blues and R&B and soul better than Big George Brock. I have had him perform during Black History Month seven or eight times consecutively. My personal sentiment is that he is one of the best, and that’s why I always include him on my Black History Month calendar,” Hennings said. 

The gathering attracted participants from diverse backgrounds, underscoring the universal and transcendent appeal of Blues music. Attendees from various corners of the campus community congregated to immerse themselves in an evening brimming with both auditory and culinary delights. 

Levi Shaw, a student at L&C, expressed contentment with the culinary offerings, “The food choices have been very good so far in the past couple of events; they just keep getting better and better.” Likewise, student Mickeal Standard conveyed with enthusiasm, “This is a great event. I love the music and I love the food choices.” 

In addition to his appreciation for the musical aspect, Hennings highlighted the event’s community-building facet, “I think the other real positive aspect about this event here, which is what I expected from George Brock, is that he does a really good job in bringing the community out.”  

For more information on future events like this, check out the Student Activities calendar on the Lewis and Clark website. 

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