Blazer Day Blows Lewis and Clark Away!

Haley Ruyle

Everyone was hyped up for the first ever Blazer Day this semester! Lewis and Clark Community College ran this event to coincide with both the men’s and women’s basketball team games on Feb. 9, 2019. Both game’s halftime shows gave an opportunity for attendees to come out and play games and took the opportunity to introduce Lewis and Clark Community College’s new mascot Blazer!

Blazer’s costume is based off the Newfoundland dog that the famous explorers, Lewis and Clark, owned named Seaman. Although Lewis and Clark Community College thought that it would be more appropriate to call our mascot Blazer instead of Seaman.

The women’s basketball team here at Lewis and Clark were victorious in their game against Parkland! Later on, for the men’s basketball team, it was a sad turn of events as they lost against SWIC.

Everyone who attended though had a blast as they received food from the soul food luncheon on the upper floor of the Riverbend Arena. Blazer Day also served both hot dogs, soda, and chips at the concession stand for the basketball game attendees. There were also free Blazer temporary tattoos, pictures with Blazer, and play fun games like the three-point shooter contest and a hula hoop contest! The three-point shooter contest was tied between Tate Wargo and Deija Carter, both from Alton High. The hula hoop contest won by Alison Palmer also from Alton High. They each won free $15 gift cards.

During both of the half time periods of each basketball game, helpers of the Student Activities Club from Lewis and Clark Community College threw out t-shirts and towels out to the roaring crowd of fans, aiming specifically for the loudest people cheering.

The day would have not been successful turnout if it were not for the amazing helpers such as Anthony Brown, Ashtyn Britt, Brittany Dickerson, Haley Ruyle, and many others. Also, a special thanks should be awarded to staff members such as Jared Hennings, who worked very hard to make Blazer Day a success. Obviously, Blazer themself receives props as well from their many adoring fans! Blazer is also often present at other sports games to greet any students who didn’t get to enjoy how wonderful Blazer Day was.

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