Blazer Beat: Parkland 3, L&C 0, Trials and Tribulations Continue For Volleyball Trailblazers

Nathan Tucker 


When I spoke with Trailblazer Volleyball Head Coach Bron Wilkerson after Monday’s loss to Illinois Central, he mentioned that Parkland was a tough team. Heading into Wednesday’s contest at Riverbend Arena, the Cobras of Parkland Community College had only lost once this season, and have been playing a hectic schedule much like Lewis and Clark has. 

With the Trailblazers struggling, and Parkland soaring, Wednesday’s 3 result was somewhat to be expected. L&C never really got in a word edgewise with the Cobras, only leading in early stages before Parkland seized control. The Cobras took each game 25-12, 25-9, and 25-9. 

L&C looked like a team that had been through a rough stretch, at times seeming out of sync on the floor, mistakes leading to Parkland points. “We’re fine.” Bron Wilkerson reassured. “We take a deep breath and focus on the rest of the season. We knew that this nine-day stretch would be tough. Now we just refocus, and come back to practice tomorrow and the game Friday.”

Wilkerson makes it apparent that the team knew what it was in for over the past week and a half. “The team is looking forward to the rest of the season, we just had to get through that little rough  patch. We put it together, so now we’re ready for the rest of the season.”

L&C volleyball continues their homestand on Friday night as they host Kaskaskia, and as stated by the head ball coach, look to bounce back from this tough string of losses with a strong showing. For a complete schedule and more information on Trailblazers sports of all sorts, visit

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