Black Student Association Seeks New Members

Madeline Runyon


Many students are searching for clubs to join this new semester at Lewis and Clark. Although there are a plethora of clubs available to students, some are not as well known as other.

Joining clubs are beneficial to students because it helps build skill sets, creates self-confidence, and is a way to make new friends, according to

One particular club which is searching for new members is the Black Student Association (BSA).

The BSA has been a group on campus for many years. “Our doors are open to everyone,” club leader Anthony Brown said, encouraging students of all races and ethnicity to become involved in the club. “Plus, we feed you!”

The club has been very active in recruitment for new students. Events such as speed conversation and ice cream socials have been held by the BSA and a table set out for fall fest have all been used as a means of informing students about the club.

The BSA strives to encourage students towards academic success and to provide students with a positive influence during their time at LC. The club also offers additional help with academic struggles as well as being thoroughly dedicated to promoting success.

The BSA urges students who are struggling in classes to utilize the college’s tutoring centers on campus. Students are informed that it is better to address class issues head on and not wait to seek help until after it is too late.

“All clubs are formed to benefit students,” club advisor Jared Hennings said. Students are encouraged to join the BSA not only because of the help offered academically, but Hennings also believes that clubs are beneficial to students because it teaches balance and time management skills.

The best way to learn more information about the BSA is through emailing either Brown at or Hennings at Attending one of the BSA’s regular meetings at 1 p.m. on Tuesdays in the Underground Connection is another way to learn more and to get involved.

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