Black Student Association Art Show

Haley Ruyle


The Black Student Association art show here at Lewis and Clark Community College, Feb. 27.  in the Reid Cafe, featured artworks from Anthony Brown, Moreena Hall, Taylor Renee, Jocelyn Anderson, Alexa Williams, and August Kinney.

From artwork such as paintings and drawings all the way up to sculptures, all of these masterpieces were truly outstanding. Five stars for everyone who graciously took part in the Black Student Association Art Show, everyone was honestly wonderful and mind blowing!!  

This art show represented the importance of Black History Month and the universal fact that African Americans should be able to represent themselves just as equally and proudly as anyone else, and that is what this art show is about, being able to express oneself without the judgement of being in a minority.

The show had more to it than just beautiful pictures, it was about the comradery that comes with mingling with your peers and socializing with those that you can connect to on more than just a surface level. From the fancy juice, chocolate covered strawberries and Doritos, the show was just as delicious to attend as it was delightful to be a viewer of the exhibition.

The Black Student Association Art show would inevitably have ceased to happen if it weren’t for Black student associate and participant Anthony Brown. We are all truly thankful for Anthony Brown and the support of the Black Student Association club.

If anyone missed out on this historical event but is considering joining the Black Student Association club and helping out with the amazing events they plan throughout the college calendar please contact anyone from the Black Student Association club or Jared Hennings via email at

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