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​Dear Athena,

I need to go on a diet because I eat very unhealthy food all of the time, but the reason I do this is because I don’t make enough money to afford healthier food. I am always coming across $5 deals that involve some unhealthy food and drinks. Do you know of any way I can eat healthy and manage my money as well?

Distressed and Hungry Student



Dear Distressed and Hungry Student,

Eating healthy is definitely a challenge, especially when eating unhealthy is so cheap and easy. Planning is a crucial tool when it comes to eating better and cheaper.

Investing in containers to carry meals and snacks with you, either to work or school, is a must for saving money and combating those $5 blues. Initial costs of buying tupperware and lunch bags may seem expensive at first but in the long run they pay for themselves.

When making dinners at home you could add an extra serving portion to have the next day to take for lunch.

A large batch of rice or quinoa can be cooked for a week worth of meals in advance, and added as a side when taking meals with you.

Crockpot recipes are very affordable and require minimal effort to prepare and cook. Another perk of a crockpot meal is that it makes larger batches (depending on the size of your crockpot) and can easily provide several days worth of lunches or dinners.

Smartphones now have apps available that make thrifty shopping a breeze.The Out of Milk app, allows users to search for deals in their area and compile a shopping list of sale items.

Out of Milk also provides a section for you to list spices and herbs you have at home, therefore, you are not buying excess items.

A little research online for sites similar to can provide you with healthy, affordable recipes. The portable high-protein snack section is another option available on to fill you up, without breaking the bank.

Visit to get snacks high in protein or affordable meal alternatives.


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