Berlusconi In Hot Water with Underage Prostitute


By Francesco Turso

Copy Editor

Italy’s embattled Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is a media magnate having interests in Newspapers, Television Channels, and Radio Stations all throughout Italy. However even with all this power in the media, he could not keep his latest scandal quiet admitting to paying an underage Moroccan prostitute 7,000 Euros for sex. Wiretaps that have been published revealed as investigators open another case of underage prostitution against the Prime Minister. Though prostitution is not illegal in Italy, paying a minor for sex is.

The Italian Prime Minister defends his behavior by saying that he loves beautiful women and has been quoted defiantly saying “at least I’m not gay.” Many in Italy are calling for him to step down, even the Catholic Church, which has been a strong supporter of the Prime Minister, is now calling his behavior irreparable.

Matteo Lorenzo Bataglini, an Italian Citizen in Triggiano, Ba, speaks plainly and is not surprised by his behavior. When asked how he feels about his prime minister, Bataglini replies, “He’s a ’puttaniero’[whore-monger]. He surrounds himself with political allies that are afraid to go against him. I don’t understand how he’s even got the guts to represent Italy.” (Translated from Italian)  Many people in Italy believe that it is now only a matter of time before Berlusconi will be forced to step down and are calling this the end of his political career.  “He’s just making us look bad and needs to step down, but he just won’t do it.”Bataglini said.

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1 thought on “Berlusconi In Hot Water with Underage Prostitute

  1. The latest is that he used his position to have theft charges dropped against his young lady friend.

    Listening to locals comment on this story reminds me so much of Clinton/Lewinsky. Those who didn’t like Berlusconi to begin with want to lynch him (politically speaking); his supporters point out that there are more important issues affecting the country right now.

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