Pity the Fool and the April Fish

Graphic by Keziah Jordan
Graphic by Keziah Jordan
by Darick T. Earney
Staff Writer

Every year on April 1, thousands of pranksters all around the world are given the opportunity to pull pranks on their friends and loved ones.


Pranksters may or may not know is that April Fools’ Day was originally News Years Day. According to National Geographic’s website, there really is no confirmed origin of April Fools’ Day.

It’s believed that the holiday began in France when the Gregorian calendar was first adopted to establish January 1 as New Year’s Day. Ignorant of the change, some citizens continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on April 1, and would be referred to as “April Fool’s ” for doing so.

Another piece of trivia is the fact that it’s celebrated in France as “April Fish Day”. It’s popular among French children to tape paper fish onto the backs of their friends and classmates. Whenever the fish is discovered, they’re supposed to yell: “Poisson d’Avril!”, which translates to “April fish”.

According to the website of MeI wanted to thank you and Keziah for all your hard work and patience with me todayntal Floss, Scotland enjoyed April Fool’s Day so much in 18th century, that it became a two day holiday. The first being April Fool’s Day, and the second being Taily Day.

The origin of the “kick me” sign on someone’s back started in Scotland.

Signs reading “kick me” were taped to victim’s backs, and as a consequence, they were kicked. It’s safe to say that Taily Day was a day one should never turn their back on a friend. However, France and Scotland aren’t the only places in the world getting in on the fun.

There’s a famous blessing that goes “April showers bring May flowers”, but in Portugal, citizens may bring showers of flour the Sunday and Monday before lent.

All pranks and foolishness aside, April Fool’s Day is a fun holiday for the whole family. There is no age limit on who can celebrate it.

American author, Mark Twain had his own opinion on how foolish people were way back when:
“The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year” Twain said.

“Trust no one! You never know who or when somebody is going to prank you!”
current student, Emily Chester said.


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