Anarchy In Alton: Battle of Spaulding Hall Preview

Nathan Tucker


Anarchy’s back in a big way. The near-monthly celebration of professional wrestling returns to 405 East 4th Street in Alton for the Battle of Spaulding on Friday, September 13. The card is packed, top to bottom, and looks to be one of the wildest nights Spaulding Hall has ever seen. So much so, in fact, that the proprietors of Spaulding Hall had to double check with those in charge at Anarchy to make sure the night wouldn’t get too out of hand.

War Horse vs. Nick Gage: I’ll start this preview with the match that is likely the reason the owners of the hall are concerned: Nick (expletive removed) Gage faces the War Horse, Jake Parnell in what could be the most violent match in the storied history of Saint Louis Anarchy. Nick Gage might be the hottest name in professional wrestling anywhere right now. He leaves a trail of carnage and blood in his wake. Gage is very familiar with Anarchy, having beaten down crowd favorite Gary Jay at the Anarchy vs. Everybody event in March of this year. I personally have a chunk of the ceiling title Gage used to bash Gary Jay over the head, complete with some of Gary Jay’s own blood, as both a souvenir and as proof of the chaos Nick Gage can bring to the ring.

War Horse has also made quite a name for himself in the wrestling world. His hard-hitting, tactically reckless style has made him a key fixture for many promotions across the country. To that end, he and the previously mentioned Gary Jay just had a match for Game Changer Wrestling, the de facto home of Nick Gage, at their Two Cups Stuffed event in Chicago on August 30. With that in mind, Gage is aware of what War Horse brings to the table. War Horse, being a fan-favorite at Anarchy, has the home-ring advantage, but there will be plenty of fans in attendance loyal to Gage, meaning this main event will have a big fight feel like no other.

Billie Starkz vs. Rahne Victoria: Circling back, Friday’s festivities start with “Space Jesus” Billie Starkz facing Rahne Victoria in a match during the pre-party of the event, before the 7:30pm bell time. Both women here are taking the St. Louis wrestling scene by storm. Billie Starkz has developed a passionate following at Anarchy, and Rahne Victoria has already been known to make kids cry at St. Louis area wrestling shows. Neither like each other. Billie has vowed to make Rahne Victoria smile, which is the last thing she wants to be told to do. Just because this is during the pre-party doesn’t mean it’s skippable, as these two should put on quite the show.

Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez vs. “Big Beef” Gnarls Garvin: When Michael Strider vs. “Big Beef” Gnarls Garvin was first booked for this Anarchy show, people were expecting a hard-hitting encounter from two wrestlers who take pride in their meaty whacks, two wrestlers who send chills through the spine of those in attendance with the sound of their strikes. Unfortunately, Strider has to miss Anarchy, but in his stead enters Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez. Sharkbait has become an affectional nickname for Gutierrez, and despite his slight stature, his striking offense is starting to make waves in midwestern wrestling. Friday night will see which great nickname comes out victorious in Spaulding Hall.

Kody Lane vs. Cole Radrick vs. Ace Perry vs. Evan Gelistico: Due to Sharkbait filling in for Michael Strider in the match just mentioned, that meant his spot in the four-way battle against Kody Lane, Cole Radrick, and Ace Perry was filled by Evan Gelistico, a man who’s always up for a fight. According to his Twitter account, Gelistico has even had some new ring gear designed for his latest Anarchy appearance. This four-way match has the potential to get out of control and almost promises to. 

Kenway vs. Everett Connors: Those familiar with Saint Louis Anarchy know that Kenway and Everett Connors could steal the show. Kenway hasn’t necessarily made friends in Anarchy, and the crowd lets him know it. He made a real name for himself in a Dog Collar match at the last Anarchy event, Circus Maximus, in a wild match with Evan Gelistico. Connors has been around Anarchy since 2015, and has charmed the Spaulding Hall audience with his work both in the ring and on the mic, even featuring in a rap battle at Anarchy against Mat Fitchett. These two don’t see eye to eye, and Anarchy faithful know both can pull great things out of their locker.

Besties In The World (Mat Fitchett & Davey Vega) vs. Christian Rose and Jake Dirden: It wouldn’t be Anarchy without the Besties. St. Louis’s most dynamic duo have become crowd favorites all over the globe, and they’re appearing on some of North America’s and the UK’s biggest independent wrestling events. Whenever “Truly Madly Deeply” hits at Spaulding Hall, the place erupts for the Besties as fans emulate Vega and Fitchett in the ring. Rose and Dirden have their hands full, and won’t have the majority of the crowd on their side, but that’s never stopped them from throwing their weight around the ring. 

Chris Dickinson vs. Gary Jay: Gary Jay seems to find himself in some of Anarchy’s and the indepedent wrestling scene’s most intense matches. Whether it be his legendary battle with Kylie Rae at Anarchy’s Ladies Night this past April, his gruesome affair with Nick Gage a month prior, or more recently his Casket Match with War Horse for Zero 1 USA in central Illinois, Jay has a flair for the extreme, and is willing to put it all on the line like few others in professional wrestling today. At Battle of Spaulding, he faces what some consider a living legend in Chris Dickinson. Dickinson’s training in mixed martial arts, and propensity for leveling his opponents with vicious strikes. Trained by greats including the late St. Louis wrestling legend Harley Race, not only does Dickinson strike fear in his opponents through his impact, his demeanor in the ring has won him supporters of all types over his near twenty-year career. 

Gateway Heritage Championship Match: Champion Jeremy Wyatt vs. Thomas Shire: To this date, Jeremy Wyatt has defended the GHC belt for over 300 days. Through his unique style, a charisma all his own, and a ruthless yet effective mat-based offense, Wyatt has ruled Anarchy to the dismay of its loyal fanbase. One of my favorite St. Louis area wrestling matches of all-time is Wyatt’s title defense against Jonathan Gresham, a mat-based counter expert who nearly bested Wyatt at his own game. At Circus Maximus, Wyatt beat War Horse, proving he could counter a heavier hitter. In Thomas Shire, he might be facing one of the heaviest hitters in midwestern wrestling. Shire, trained by wrestling legend Dory Funk, has a unique feel in the ring. An imposing 6’3” brick house who walks with confidence and swagger in the ring. A swagger he will need to end Jeremy Wyatt’s long reign over Spaulding Hall. 

Saint Louis Anarchy’s Battle of Spaulding event starts at 6:15pm with the pre-party, with general admission doors at 7, and the rest of the show kicking off at 7:30pm. You can get tickets here. For those not able to attend, the show will be live on Independent Wrestling TV.

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