Always Late TV and Movie Awards Returns to LC Campus for a Two-Night Celebration of Cinema

By Kal Weiss 

This March, the Always Late TV and Movie Awards are returning to Lewis and Clark Community College for a second year. Like the 2023 awards, the event will be held in Hatheway Hall; however, things will be a bit different this year — the event will occur over two nights. The best part? All movie screenings are free to attend.  

Saturday, March 23 will be dedicated to film screenings from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and an improv comedy workshop with returning hosts John Lehr and Caterina Clayton is scheduled from 3 to 5 p.m. March 24 will be the day of the award show; featuring a Red-Carpet event and a concert by the Steve Ewing Band. 

This event was founded and directed by Kevin Edwards, an alum of Lewis and Clark. He has directed many short films, (including “Schmetterling” and “Bonnie Conway P.I.”) which have won 11 international awards collectively. These short films can be found on streaming services such as Tubi, Amazon Prime, and Cineverse. 

After attending Lewis and Clark, Edwards graduated from Missouri Baptist with a focus on Criminal Justice. However, instead of a career in law enforcement, his interest in film led to an entirely different path in life. A passion for the arts sparked his dream to hold a film festival, resulting in the Always Late TV and Movie awards we have come to love.  

Professors Peter Hussey and Jen Cline influenced Edwards’ path and finally the manifestation of the event itself. Edwards said that “They opened up my mind and made me see the world a lot differently, even as a small-town Midwest boy.” Hussey is set to be one of the hosts for the Awards presentation.  

Edwards’ goal with ALTV is to provide inspiration to fellow creatives and encourage them to pursue their future endeavors. The Always Late TV and Movie Awards exists to provide a unique cultural beacon of light to Lewis and Clark. “There have been a lot of award ceremonies in St. Louis, but none here,” Hussey said. 

Last year, over 20 categories — local and national — were presented. There was also a broad spectrum of genres, spanning from horror to comedy and even mixtures between. The festival honors many aspects of film such as audio-visual components, cinematography, music videos, scores, and soundtracks. 

If you want more information, visit ALTV’s website at 

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