Alexandra Thompson-Blockton receives Adult Learner of the Year award

By Emily Johnson

Alexandra Thompson-Blockton

Lewis and Clark Community College student and former Bridge writer, Alexandra Thompson-Blockton, has received the 2021 Paul Simon Adult Learner of the Year award. The always inspirational Thompson-Blockton spoke with The Bridge about her recent award and accomplishments since moving-on from our publication and her plans and goals for the future.

Thompson-Blockton is currently working as a full-time teacher aid for AmeriCorps, is a Leadership Ambassador for AmeriCorps’ YouthBuild and is continuing her general education studies at Lewis and Clark. 

“I have been able to provide support to students,” Thompson-Blockton said. “[…] I am also a member of the Leadership Ambassador Group; I assist in managing our Facebook page and am an editor for the page. Overall, my current positions are leading me into what I would like to do for my career.”

Ask anyone who’s worked with Alexandra Thompson-Blockton, and they will tell you she’s not only driven and passionate but also considerate and kind-hearted. “I know a lot of people go on to major in something so they can be rich. I’m not saying I don’t want money! …but I am an individual that is very heartfelt and caring,” Thompson-Blockton said regarding her career goals.

“I love being in this position. We do community service. I enjoy being a part of the community and I’m very thankful to be a full time AmeriCorps member. I’m in a position where I can learn a lot and individuals say they can learn from me too,” she continued. 

Although a hard worker, Thompson-Blockton was still surprised to be the recipient of the Paul Simon Adult Learner of the Year award.

“What is this?! It caught me totally. Off. Guard. I was shocked with joy,” Thompson-Blockton said when explaining her initial reaction to receiving the recognition.

“Then I started thinking about all the times I’d be reading, studying, staying up late – and tears started rolling [out of] my eyes. There are individuals that see me and see what I’m doing,” she said, “There’s people who are watching me glow.

“No matter how late I stayed up, it was all worth it in the long-run.”

Thompson-Blockton also emphasized the importance of the support she received from the staff and students of L&C as well as the resources available on campus. She also thanked her mentor, Robyn, for her personal guidance through this part of her journey. “She’s very empowering; she’s an amazing woman,” Thompson-Blockton said of her mentor.

Keen to keep busy, Alexandra also teased a personal project she has been working on. “I am currently working towards writing a book. Life has encouraged me to write,” Thompson-Blockton said. “It’ll be about me, a story of my life. Being a domestic violence survivor. Who knows how it’ll play out.”

Ready to continue her hard work, Thompson-Blockton laid out her plans for the future. “My ultimate plan is to complete my general studies at Lewis and Clark; after that I would like to go to Greenville University in Greeneville, Ill., for my Bachelor’s in Education,” she said, “I [also] plan on doing another year [as an] AmeriCorps member.

“If I can just continue to focus, continue on the right path – in the right direction – I feel as if I have a bright future ahead of me.”


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