Acres Of Fast Walking


Kyle Watts

Business Manager

The R Acres of Terror haunted ‘house’ is set on the State Highway in Dow, south of Jerseyville; look for the parked school bus. Less of a haunted house and more of a haunted thicket. The Acres of Terror facility is a roped and well staged path for visitors to tread through a segment of forest while passing through many creepy or gruesome set pieces while actors roam about to frighten them.

From start to finish, the track would be twenty minutes of walking; and the scares don’t stop for a moment during that time. Actors lunging, banging on metal, or silently following the guests. Some are even in position to frighten those coming into the track itself. The staff are friendly, providing seating and ambiance in the form of Halloween themed music. The primary greeter will even allow visitors to take photographs with him next to one of their set pieces.

To not spoil the track for the uninitiated, this article will only make general references to the content of the Acres of Terror tracks. But rest assured they can be frightening. Strobe lights can lure guests into approaching what looks to be a set piece, but is in reality an actor ready to jump and shriek. Absolute blackness can leave the guests to fumble blindly. The price for admission is a reasonable 13 dollars for adults, and 10 for children; acceptable given the level of detail and number of people working on the project.

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