A Day of Music and Sunshine: The Real Band’s Concert at The Grove

By: James Pepper 


The Real Band’s engaging tunes graced The Grove in an outdoor concert thoughtfully arranged by Student Activities. Held adjacent to the Math and Science building, the event unfolded between 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. on Aug. 28, 2023. Nature provided a sunny backdrop, complementing the rhythmic melodies.  

A pleasant surprise awaited attendees in the form of chicken alfredo, a warm meal that quickly vanished before the event’s conclusion. Among the gathering were students and staff, all savoring the music and festive ambiance. 

“For the second week of school, I thought it was a better turnout than my expectations. But I guess when you factor in the great weather, fantastic band, and free food that is a win-win combination,” said Jared Hennings, Student Advisor for Student Activities.  

The synergy between melodious harmonies and the open outdoors undoubtedly etched a memorable moment in the hearts of those who were part of this experience. 

“It’s pretty good, the music was smooth and beautiful,” said a student attendee, Madison Rea.  

The outdoor concert by The Real Band, thoughtfully arranged by Student Activities, concluded on a high note, leaving attendees to savor the fantastic music, great weather, and free chicken alfredo while creating memorable moments that celebrated the beauty of campus life and community.  

The Real Band

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