5 Romantic Films to Netflix and Chill to on V Day



Photo provided by: Fusion
Photo provided by: Fusion

Kelly Rulison
Sports Editor

With Valentine’s Day on the way, couples are looking for fun ways to spend the holiday together. Fortunately, Netflix provides an array of romantic films to make this a strong possibility.  

To start the list is “The Best Of Me”, a Nicholas Sparks based on his novel of the same name. This PG-13 rated flick is about a young man and women who once were high-school sweethearts that were madly in love, until unforeseen forces drove them apart. Years later they meet again and the sparks fly once more.

Another good movie to check out is “Remember Me” starring Robert Pattinson. The story follows a young man who has a strained relationship with his father leading the boy to be rebellious and troubled. He then meets a girl named Aly and sparks fly, until secrets threaten to destroy their relationship.

Next, is the Anne Hathaway film romantic/comedy “One Day”. After Emma (Hathaway) develops a relationship one night with a boy named Dexter, the couple agree to reunite one day a year to share memories and make new ones together.

At number four is “6 Years”, an unrated romance motion picture with a side of drama. When a young couple seem to have the most ideal romance going for them. That is until unexpected opportunities send them down a volatile and violent path, forcing the couple to fight to protect their future together.

Finally, on the list,  is the rated R romantic, comedy “I Give It A Year”. the movie about a young couple that, after a short courtship, decide to tie the knot. As their first year of marriage unfolds, temptation and incompatibility put their relationship in jeopardy.      

For more romantic films on Netflix visit netflix.com or visit netflixlife.com for top 50 lists of Netflix films.


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