1982: “The Whole Winter Was Horrendous!!”

"St Louis 1982"

By Francesco Turso

Between January 30 and January 31, 1982 up to 24 inches of snow fell in the St. Louis Area. Schools closed for a week and many people became stranded for days. Tammy Burcham, an East Alton resident, recalls the events, “I remember it vividly, I was flying back from Texas to St. Louis and it was an ice-covered snow-bound excursion, all the way. I was young and on my own, not even 18 yet. I remember walking through Lambert Airport and seeing my dad and my Uncle Jerry Whorl was behind him. That whole winter, was horrendous!!”

Kerry Struif, owner of Cheetah Wireless on Godfrey Road recalls the strange weather, “I was just a newlywed and my husband, a friend and I were driving down I-64 to go to Carbondale to visit my friend’s boyfriend. One thing I remember most about that trip is the thunder and lightning. It was pitch black and snowy but then lightning would flash and it would be blinding. It was the first time I’d seen lightning in a winter storm like that.”

We are expected to receive up to 20 inches in some areas and are currently under a Blizzard Warning. Many people, including Burcham, are hoping conditions are not as bad as in 1982. The weather is not expected to let up until late Wednesday night, so be safe.

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