Your Big Three and What That Means To You



By Evelyn Smith


Astrology is a hot topic amongst younger generations, you either don’t believe in it at all or you study your astrological birth chart consistently and actively, avoiding people when Mercury is in retrograde. Most people know what their sun sign is, which is the astrological sign that falls on your birth month and the one you look for when reading your daily horoscope predictions. Just knowing what your sun sign is isn’t going to cut it for most, as today people want to know what their “big three” is. Your big three is your sun sign, moon sign, and your rising or ascending sign. 

Your sun sign is based off of the sun’s rotation around the Earth and the combination of stars that fall within a 30 day period, which is why there are twelve zodiac signs. Your sun sign is your core self and how you see yourself. For example, if your sun sign falls in Scorpio, you could be more of a passionate, independent and authentic person.  Of course, these are only a few traits that are common amongst Scorpios. Some people have trouble identifying with their sun signs and feel like it only covers a small portion of who they are, which is why so many people are interested in their moon and rising signs. 

Your moon sign is representative of your emotional side, the side of yourself that is hidden most of the time but, with certain people, it comes out more. In terms of relationships, you should look at each other’s moon sign to get a better idea of compatibility instead of your sun sign, because in relationships you are vulnerable and emotional with each other more than others. For example, if your moon sign falls in Cancer, you could be more empathetic, sympathetic and compassionate to others. Knowing your moon sign can reveal your more vulnerable side and create a better understanding of what makes you, you. 

Lastly, your rising sign is representative of how you express yourself to the world and how others see you. Your rising sign can also have an effect on your physical features. It can be fun to look up celebrities that share the same rising signs as you and see some of the similarities. For example, if your rising sign falls in Scorpio, you could be more self controlled, stoical and reserved. As far as physical features go, Scorpio rising tends to have wide shoulder blades, square shaped faces and a deep penetrative gaze. 

Even if you don’t live, breathe and die by your birth chart, it can be fun and interesting to learn about your signs and reveal different things about yourself. There is so much more than just your big three, just like there is so much that makes you special. If you are curious about your big three, or interested in knowing more about your birth chart, I would highly recommend using Cafe Astrology, which offers a free in depth reading of your birth chart.  You’ll want to have your birth certificate handy because you will have to know your exact time, day and location of your birth.  Happy exploring!


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