You Say Bacon, I say Delicious


Miranda Cook

Staff Writer

The Bacon Lovers event went off without a hitch and I was surrounded by a sea of smiles and like-minded individuals.  Men, women and children alike gathered at Gordon Moore Park October 13 for Baconpalooza 2012.  Baconpalooza is the brain child of Catrina Groves with the help of Natalie Emmons.  Both are employed at Dentistry with TLC in Godfrey.

Treated as a potluck, each attendee brought a “bacon dish” to be sampled and then judged.  Everything from Bacon Monkey Bread, Bacon Turtle Cheesecake and Bacon wrapped Green Beans were on display and were being discussed around the picnic tables.

New ideas were also quickly formed and chatter began regarding ideas for new recipes for Baconpalooza 2013.  One of the items discussed was a “Deep Fried Bacon Twinkie.”  Steve McCann, who ended up winning second place for him & his wife’s “Bacon Casserole,” explained the delicate process to the audience whose mouths lay hung open in amazement.  I cannot however, in good conscience divulge the inner workings of this treat, after all, the “Deep Fried Bacon Twinkie” may be just the edge Steve & Kathy need to claim a first prize victory next year.  Another idea that was tossed around was a “Baconpalooza 2012” cookbook containing all of the recipes from the event.  Sign me up!

Quickly after everyone had a chance to sample the huge array of goodies available, both hostesses handed out voting papers and markers to each guest and they were given a chance to weigh in.  When all the votes were tallied and the decisions were named, one woman would stand victorious!  That woman was Mrs. Jaime Mize ofBunker Hill, who also won honorable mention for her Bacon Cupcakes.  What was the first place dish who had everyone’s attention?  Bacon wrapped little smokies covered in brown sugar. Second place finish was awarded to both Kathy & Steve McCann and third place was handed to Shaun Young for his Bacon wrapped Buffalo Chicken Ranch Bites.  Prizes were handed out to each winner, which were very fun and creative gifts.  Some of these gifts were a Bacon Lover’s desk calendar, Bacon knee socks, an “ I love Bacon” notebook and a box of “ Gummy Bacon” candy.

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