You’re Gonna Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid!




Maggie Frakes

Staff Writer

L&C students reflect on childhood Christmas wishes

Children have their own personalized perceptions of the perfect Christmas gifts.  For example, trying to be a good aunt, I asked my nephews what they wanted for Christmas.  The oldest – seven years old – told me that he wanted a Ninja Lego set, and then he proceeded to give me the most detailed mental image I could ever expect from a child so young.  When I asked my youngest nephew (he’s three) what he wanted, he replied, “I want Santa to bring me an angry bird, Aunt Maggie.”  Remember Ralphie from “A Christmas Story,” one of my all time favorite holiday movies, who wanted a Red Rider BB Gun, but whose mother didn’t want him to have one for obvious reasons (you’re gonna shoot your eye out!).  Whatever children ask Santa for, at Christmas, their biggest hope is in waking up on Christmas morning at the crack of dawn to see if what they wished for is lying under the tree.  So when I found out The Bridge Staff was basing our December edition on the movie, “A Christmas Story,” I got so inspired, and immediately thought of leg lamps (I’m begging everyone I know for one), pink bunny suits, and mainly Red Rider BB Guns.  I thought it would be a clever idea to ask students on campus what they wished for as children and if they found it under the tree or not.

“I wanted this big Stars Wars Lego set. I loved Legos. I wasn’t ever sure if was going to get what I asked, because my mom always played it off; but she got me it. I was happy kid.” –Nik Becoat

“When I was younger I asked for the Bratz convertible with the real radio in it. And of course “Santa” got it for me. And he also threw in a Bratz day spa. Those were the days.” –Tori Patterson

“As a little girl, I always wished for a puppy. I didn’t get it right away but I did finally get one, Chip, on my eleventh Christmas, which made that Christmas easily my favorite one to date.” –Abbie Lucasey

Hopefully everyone who is reading this received that one very special gift they begged for as a child and, if you are able, try helping out a child this year in making that very same wish come true!



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