WLCA’s Five Minute Shows Preview

By Gary Chapman

As we will be stuck in our houses for an unknown amount of time, you need some entertainment. Well, WLCA is going to provide that entertainment by posting short podcasts onto their social media. Here are the shows.

Mike Russel’s show is about St. Louis area radio personalities. He has interviewed Mike Couchman from Joy FM, Robert Filthen from 106.5 The Arch, Kevin Bergoff from Y98 and Trish Gazall from KEZK. He asks questions like “What got you in the business?” and others like that. Mike said that “[He]’s pretty excited, but it did take a lot of effort and time.”

Kelly Anderson’s show “The Future of Today” is about local entrepreneurs and the struggles they have as they start a small business, as well as providing advice. He has interviewed Michelle Motley from SOURCE Juicery and Tyler Duty of Character Gear.

Chris Riddle’s show “Time Warp 1975” is a look into the shadow casts of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The series has interviewed Tristan Ratterma, who founded the St. Louis area troupe Flustered Mustard, which is hosting a 45th-anniversary convention for the Rocky Horror Show. Also interviewed is David Santiago Tate, who helps make a variety of props for shadow casts around the world.

Gary Chapman’s show “Youtubers” interviews various Youtubers to ask what made them decide to start YouTube and how they make their content. Chapman has interviewed many individuals for the show including Ben Minnotte from the Oddity Archive, Eric Wise from ScareTheater, Shane Luis from Rerez and storm chaser Hank Schyma.

Mariko Oshier interviewed Mixer streamers, as well as 2CanGaming, Infinite Power and TheGoldenManiac.  She discussed the world of streaming, online communities and anecdotes.

WLCA will be uploading to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and their Snapchat is wlca899. Hopefully, this has convinced you to listen to these spicy five-minute shows!

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