Why Binge-Watching is Worth It!

Anna Summers


Everyone at one point in their life binge watches a TV show on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or even cable. I believe we are in the midset of the “Golden Days” of television. There are so many different popular shows that have an outstanding long-running plot that brings more viewers with each episode. Since Netflix and Hulu became a huge hit as streaming platforms, there have been even more shows that have been created.

For an example of a great TV show, Shameless. Shameless had nine successfully seasons. It has brought so many people into the show and got them hooked. I have seen so many people on social media talking about how the seasons have been going and even talking about the characters. Another example would be Grey’s Anatomy, they have had a recent surge in popularity since the new seasons came out.

There are perks to binge-watching, through online platforms or on live television. You can easily make a friend in general if you both binged watched the same TV show or even movies. It could also become a great conversation starter. Binge watching could also be a great stress reliever for some people, and help them get things off their mind for a little bit.

Some shows actually can also be very relatable to some people in a relationship wise. It could include cheating, leaving someone for someone else, or just relationship problems in general. There are also shows that have typical high school drama, friend drama, bullying, girls fighting over the same man, or a high school fairy tale love story.

I believe binge-watching is good. It could help you distract yourself from many different things, and that is a great opportunity for stress relief. I have talked to more people since I’ve been binge-watching more popular shows and it has helped me also make more friends who have the show in common. We still talk about the shows to this day! Don’t be hesitant to indulge in a good show and have a great time!

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