What is the Deal with Mattress Stores?

Source: Pixabay
Ashtyn Britt

Now, I’m usually not one to fall for conspiracy theories, but I can’t help to pay attention to this one. Have any of you actually bothered to count how many mattress stores you have in the area? Because, when actually counted, there’s a lot. I mean, A LOT a lot.

Yet, every single time I’ve ever been in a mattress store, there’s never any customers. Also, mattresses are typically good for about seven to ten years, so it’s not like people need to change their mattresses often. So, by basic rules of economics, you wouldn’t think you’d need nearly the amount of mattress stores that exist. Especially in one concentrated area!

There are literally areas you can look up on google maps where there will be three stores on the same road. Nobody needs that many mattress stores, especially when they’re always empty!

So, why are there so many mattress stores? Well, the theory is that mattress stores are the new money laundering scam. Now, at first, it sounds as crazy as every other conspiracy theory. Until you actually think about it.

Mattress stores are almost never on our radars because we rarely ever need a new mattress, so it makes perfect sense to be able to use a mattress store as a cover for other illegal activities. Nobody would ever suspect it, or even notice when multiple mattress stores show up in the same town without any customers ever actually in them.

It’s really weird when you actually pay attention to these statements because they’re true. If the theory is incorrect, I would love to ask all the mattress stores in America to explain exactly how there’s such a high demand for their stores and products. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping my eye out for any funny business, and try to stop staying up so late on YouTube watching weird conspiracy videos so I can maybe get some sleep again!

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